Maximum standardization with the highest possible degree of individualization.
Window, sun protection, insect screen, fall protection, window sill/gutter and ventilation in one module.

HIGHLIGHTS for investors, clients, planners and site managers

Our multifunctional TIMM-MODULE is the perfect solution for all building envelope tasks – benefits for everyone involved.

Investor | Client

  • Cost reduction through standardized and modular construction with a high degree of prefabrication
  • Everything from a single source thanks to a unique complete system
  • Low costs for architectural planning and construction management
  • Fast and reliable availability of components thanks to the system concept
  • Highly weather-resistant and color-matching coating on all surfaces for maximum durability
  • Sustainable building →CO2 footprint reduced to the maximum in planning, construction and operation
  • Can be easily converted and/or retrofitted at any time when a room or building is converted
  • Suitable for all objects of any size
  • Lowest life cycle costs thanks to high-quality system components and system concept
  • All-round energy manager with the lowest thermal insulation values (Uwvalues), maximum solar gains thanks to the best glazing (g values) and optimum thermal insulation in summer thanks to future-oriented solar shading

Architect | Planner

  • Unique and fully integrated overall architectural concept with maximum standardization
  • Simplified and fast implementation planning thanks to modular system with maximum individuality
  • High planning security
  • Extremely narrow views
  • Can be combined with high-quality window, lift and slide and door systems in wood-aluminum and aluminum
  • Comprehensively tested with industry-wide best values
  • Improved and maximum darkening thanks to special Z-slat
  • One surface on all components without color and texture differences thanks to uniform coating
  • Everything is fastened together in a concealed manner (no visible drainage or screw connections)
  • Elegant integration of the fall protection in the window reveal
  • Insect screen can finally be installed anywhere and integrated into the drainage threshold
  • Trenches and channels from a single source

Site management

  • Best possible system security that everything fits (no surprises on the construction site)
  • Maximum degree of prefabrication thanks to plug-in system (no screw connections)
  • Extreme acceleration and shortening of construction time thanks to complete prefabrication
  • Reduction of the total assembly time by up to 80%
  • Less coordination effort for trades and craftsmen
  • Safe, professional installation thanks to cross-trade construction (no trade holes or trade interfaces)
  • Can be transported by crane for the fastest logistics on the construction site
  • Follow-up trades can start earlier


PARTS | COMPONENT of the serial TIMM window and facade modules

Resilient construction without trade interfaces: Execution-safe, cross-trade/unifying solution.
Very narrow, high-quality serial TIMM window systems in aluminum or wood-aluminum.

Integrated, individually configurable sun protection (shirred blinds, ZIP or roller shutters): All design requirements can be realized in one system, without compromise.

Integrated, flexible insect screen: Can be realized in all design variants and invisibly integrated.

Integrated, tested fall protection: Narrowest views and everything perfectly integrated without visible screw connections. Alternatively also possible as a railing.

Integrated window sill with perfect all-round water seal: Fully optimized, invisible and secure with patented drainage cup.

System-integrated drainage threshold with gutter system incl. Zero level threshold.

HIGHLIGHTS of the TIMM-MODULE at a glance

Unique and fully integrated overall architectural system with maximum standardization

In the serial TIMM system, all necessary and individually configurable additional components (sun protection, insect screens, fall protection, insect screens, window sill, sill) are combined around the window in a “window and façade module” and quickly installed as a complete system on the construction site after completion in the factory. The serial TIMM system therefore guarantees the greatest possible individualization with maximum standardization.

Cost reduction through standardized and modular construction with a high degree of prefabrication

The system design of the serial TIMM module makes it possible to carry out a large number of individual assembly steps, which are usually carried out at the construction site with a time delay, in advance at the factory. This high degree of modular and serial prefabrication guarantees a considerable reduction in costs coupled with maximum system reliability without typical gaps in the trade.

Shorter construction time thanks to stepless and highly optimized assembly

In the serial TIMM system, all important additional components are assembled by us in the factory. The predefined installation situation ensures a tested, closed sealing level and guarantees very fast installation with the least possible coordination effort. Transportability by crane speeds up logistics on the construction site considerably.

Very little planning effort reduces costs and speeds up construction

The maximum individualization of the serial TIMM system reduces the planning effort for the architect to a minimum. As a specialist company, we can also quickly and easily incorporate the architect’s planning into our factory planning so that construction of the modules can begin shortly after the order is placed.

CO2 footprint reduced to the maximum and climate-friendly construction

When developing the serial TIMM system, we made sure that theCO2 footprint was reduced as much as possible. As a first step, we were able to reduce theCO2 footprint to less than 2 kg/aluminum by using recycled aluminum and low carbon aluminum. In addition, the Perfekt system approach reduces transport routes to a minimum. The system design means that all components can be in use for longer. The modular design means that individual components can be replaced in the event of a change of use, so that the overall system remains intact for longer.

Can be combined with high-quality windows, lift-and-slide and door systems in wood-aluminum and aluminum

The serial TIMM system can be combined with many of the high-quality, slimline wood/aluminium and aluminium window, lift/sliding door and door systems in our range, giving architects and planners a high degree of freedom when implementing their architectural visions.

Maximum thermal insulation combined with design and creative freedom

The serial TIMM system stands for the perfect combination of building physics requirements with the greatest possible architectural design freedom – including optimized thermal insulation and passive house certification. During development, great importance was attached to an optimum isothermal curve and the reduction of thermal bridges.

Highly weather-resistant and color-matching coating on all surfaces

Another system highlight of the serial TIMM module is that all surfaces are coated in the same color and are also highly weather-resistant. The highly weather-resistant coating offers very high abrasion resistance and maximum weather, UV and corrosion stability.

Extensively tested and best values

The serial TIMM system has been thoroughly tested by renowned institutes. A large number of test certificates document the best values for driving rain resistance, air permeability, wind resistance and sound insulation.

Can be retrofitted and/or upgraded at any time

If usage requirements change in the building, retrofitting or upgrading (sun protection, insect screens, fall protection) can be carried out quickly and easily at any time. In this way, we extend the life cycle and underpin the modular concept.

Complete blackout

When developing the serial TIMM system, we ensured that the guide rails are fully integrated into both the side frame and the threshold, so that 100% blackout is guaranteed. This construction method also increases comfort in terms of sound insulation.

High sound insulation for maximum comfort

The system design without gaps in the construction, with double sealing systems, high-quality glazing and professional, pre-defined installation enable a high level of sound insulation comfort even as standard.

MODUL-compatible high-quality wood-aluminum window systems


Unique wood/aluminum integral window with a face width of just 36 mm


High-performance wood-aluminum integral window with narrowest views


High-performance and slimline timber-aluminum window with a sash face width of just 21 mm


High-performance and narrow wood-aluminum composite window with a sash face width of only 21 mm


Unique wood-aluminum lift and slide door in panoramic design


High-performance timber-aluminum lift and slide door with the narrowest profiles


Elegant timber-aluminum lift and slide door for modern buildings with the highest demands

MODUL-compatible high-quality aluminum window systems

Schüco AWS 75 BS.SI+ optimized

Thermally optimized integral window system with ultra-slim views

Schüco AWS 75 BS.SI+

Integral aluminum windows for sophisticated design requirements

Schüco AWS 75 SI+ optimized

High-performance and narrow aluminum window for sustainable buildings

Schüco AWS 75 SI+

High-performance and narrow aluminum window with trend-setting solutions

Schüco ASE 80 HI

Highly thermally insulated lift and slide door of the latest generation

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