Jansen Art’15

  • Visible sash / Classic
  • Narrow views/ profiles
  • High sound insulation
  • Accessibility
  • Monument protection

Jansen Art’15

Elegant premium steel system for upmarket interior fittings

The extremely reduced face width of Jansen Art'15 enables a unique design, while the steel material guarantees a long service life. The Jansen Art'15 steel system therefore not only meets the high demands of ambitious architects in terms of design, but also the high expectations of discerning clients in terms of design and function.

  • Filigree, non-insulated steel door and partition wall system for maximum creative freedom
  • Traditional, handcrafted metalwork makes each element unique
  • Glazed, flush-mounted sheet metal or partially sheet metal system version for individual design
  • Can be realized flush-mounted, surface-mounted or overlapping, depending on requirements
  • Minimal profile face widths of just 25 to 40 mm for fixed glazing ensure maximum transparency and light flooding into the rooms
  • Sealed all round for a perfect symbiosis of aesthetics and comfort: odor and noise emissions are a thing of the past
  • Range of fittings individually matched to the profile system: Emphasizing the filigree look
  • Exceptional robustness - durable and virtually indestructible
  • High resource efficiency - slim profile geometry can be realized with low material usage

Technical data


Jansen Art'15

Installation depth in mm


System / Material / Material


Product category


Subcategory Windows

max. Thermal insulation [W/m²K]


max. Sound insulation [dB]

up to 44

Burglary protection


Proofing class according to DIN EN 1522


min. Sash view outside/inside [mm]

20 / 40

min. Post width [mm]


min. Faceplate width [mm]


min. Transom width [mm]


min. - max. Glass thickness sash [mm]

5 ...24

min. - max. Glass thickness Fixed glazing [mm]

5 ...24

npd = no performance determined = No performance determined, or without request


Security systems

More protection against burglary and bullets

Our mechanical security systems meet your requirements for protection against break-ins and bullets.

Maintenance & Service

Preserving values through maintenance & service

We offer comprehensive maintenance/maintenance and repair services for windows, doors and façades.


Jansen Art’15 is made using traditional, handcrafted metalwork, which makes each element unique.

With Jansen Art’15, modern opening types can be realized as durable and highly stable constructions.

Welded joints are not only strong, they also offer unlimited freedom of form.
With Jansen Art’15, design requirements can be flexibly implemented.

Whether simple, straight, industrial, classic or playful, create the ideal space to suit your individual lifestyle.

In Jansen Art’15 you will find the ideal interplay between material and economy.

Thanks to the high modulus of elasticity of steel, slim profile geometries can be realized with low material usage.

With the narrow profile face widths of just 25 to 40 mm for fixed glazing and a basic depth of 50 mm, filigree yet stable constructions can be created with a
high proportion of glass and the best thermal insulation.

The Jansen Art’15 steel system therefore not only meets the high demands of ambitious architects in terms of design, but also the high expectations of discerning clients in terms of design and function.

Inspired by haute couture and haute cuisine – experience the unique world of haute design with the filigree Jansen Art’15 profiles.

These doors can be sealed on all sides and thus offer a perfect symbiosis of aesthetics and comfort.

The improved acoustics and odor barrier give you a completely new living experience. Odor and noise emissions are therefore a thing of the past.

You enjoy a breathtaking sense of space with transparency and thus experience a high feel-good factor. Doors and room dividers made of Jansen Art’15 separate the entrance area from the living room, the kitchen from the dining area or the home office from the living room, without compromising the spaciousness of the room.

The ecological and sustainable character of steel adds value to the home.

The positive properties of steel include stability and durability.

The material can be reused indefinitely and is therefore an ecologically responsible product.

Steel guarantees a long service life and thus fulfills the aspect of sustainability.



Jansen Arte 2.0


RP Hermetic 70 D




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