Our long-standing commitment to sustainability

How we live and have integrated sustainability

For TIMM, sustainability and economy have not been a contradiction in terms since the visionary realization of our Plant 2 in 1989 by founder Hans Timm.

Since then, we have consistently combined the ecological and economic aspects of our products – and thus achieved added value for our customers and our employees.For decades, we have been taking advantage of market opportunities in both economic and ecological terms, growing organically and thus ensuring the future viability of our family business, especially for the benefit of our employees and their families. In the year 2015 is our vision “Climate neutral by 2025” was born.

Our goal: By 2025, we want all three locations to be climate-neutral at all three sites by 2025.

Since our launch in 2015, we have already made 83% of our way!



Investments for further CO2 reduction

Further steps on the way to climate-neutral production and part of Hans Timm Fensterbau’s sustainability strategy:

  • Insulation of the roof Plant 1
  • Conversion of drying technology to halogen technology
  • Plant 3 Renewal of the solar wall panels
  • Production and use of renewable or recycled raw materials


Ecological renovation of Plant 1

Modernization of all windows and insulation of plant 1 (plant renovation) to KFW standard as well as extensive insulation of the facade of plant 2 to KFW standard.


Project partners of the first BNB project

Start of the refurbishment of the future headquarters of the Federal Ministry of Health. This was the first project in Germany to be certified to the BNB standard.


Energetic and environmentally friendly expansion and modernization of the window and door painting line

Based on 5 years of planning, in 2019 we replaced our 22-year-old paint shop with a state-of-the-art paint shop with significant savings in energy, water consumption and material consumption (up to 80%).
The CO2 footprint has been significantly reduced. The configured system was considered so innovative and forward-looking that it was funded by the Berlin Program for Sustainable Development (BENE) of the Senate Department for the Environment, Mobility, Consumer and Climate Protection.


Development of e-fleet

The fleet has been converted to e-cars since 2019. Almost 70% of the vehicle fleet is now powered by an electric motor. In the same year, the compressed air technology in Plant 1 and the entire electrical installation are modernized.


Project partner at the Cradle to Cradle Headquarters

The C2C Lab Berlin is the world’s first comprehensive refurbishment according to the innovative criteria of Cradle to Cradle. Our windows were not foamed or glued, but screwed into the recess, insulated and fitted with a cover so that they can be removed from the building without any waste.


Berlin energy-saving champion

Timm Fensterbau and its founder Hans Timm receive the “Berlin Energy Saving Champion” award from the Berlin Chamber of Crafts for their efforts to renovate historic box-type double windows.


First large property with BREEAM certification

Extensive refurbishment of the Spindlershöfe with certification to the Breeam “very good” standard.


Green Buddy Award for our retread

In 2013, our initiation, development and long-term implementation of techniques for the refurbishment/renovation of wooden box-type windows was honored with the Green Buddy Award in the categories “Environmentally friendly production” and “Production-related services”.


New generation of wooden windows in response to climate change

Development of future-oriented timber window systems to find answers to climate change and the resulting higher demands on window constructions. The integral timber window was then developed in 2016.


Start of the extensive CO2 investment program

Start of the 10-year investment programme for the ecological modernization of all production facilities. Among other things, this includes the complete conversion of the paint system, resulting in considerable savings in water, paint and CO2 emissions.


Efficiency House Plus – “Zukunft Bau” initiative

Development and implementation of the first “Efficiency House Plus” as part of the “Zukunft Bau” initiative.


New building of the Federal Ministry for the Environment in passive house standard

New building for the Federal Environment Ministry to passive house standard with newly developed wooden window.


Complete switch to sustainable woods

Conversion of the purchase of all wood to wood that has environmental certification according to FSC or PEFC.


Installation of the first solar systems for own power generation

Since 2010, we have been generating a large proportion of our electricity from two of our own solar installations. A measure to improve resources and energy efficiency that not only saves costs, but above all protects the environment. Since 2021, we have only been using “green” electricity. In 2023, the solar system will be expanded so that there will be a solar system at each of the three plants.


Research contract for the renovation of historic windows

Research commission by the Berlin Senate and the European Union on the subject of the renovation of historic box-type windows. “Today, this research forms the basis of guidelines from professional associations and conservationists for the energy-efficient, serviceable and sustainable preservation of box-type windows.”


New construction of plants 2 and 3 according to ecological aspects

TIMM-Werke in Berlin-Marienfelde was built by founder Hans Timm in accordance with ecological principles. Not only have we been heating all our plants with our wood waste since they were built, but we also use the waste heat from our machines to heat the water for the sanitary facilities, for example.