Schüco ASE 80 HI

  • Visible sash / Classic
  • Narrow views/ profiles
  • Increased burglary protection
  • High sound insulation
  • Motorized control
  • Smart Home
  • Integrated gap ventilation (optional)
  • Accessibility
  • Integrated fall protection
  • Modular system

Schüco ASE 80 HI

Highly thermally insulated lift and slide door of the latest generation

Accessibility, a high level of comfort and a sleek appearance - the highly thermally insulated Schüco ASE 80 HI aluminum lift and slide door offers elegant design solutions for sustainable, user-oriented architecture.

  • Design freedom and high flexibility thanks to modularity and a wide range of realizable opening types including 90° corners
  • Narrow face widths of the sash frames for a filigree look
  • Filigree interlocking range of 40 mm visible width for maximum transparency and a better view
  • Concealed hardware components emphasize the purist and high-quality design even when open
  • The option of supplying a system-integrated glass balustrade as fall protection should be emphasized
  • Level threshold allows indoor and outdoor areas to merge harmoniously and barrier-free
  • Quiet and smooth-running - even with heavy elements. The optional SmartStop and SmartClose functions make operation child's play.
  • High sound insulation possible
  • Best thermal insulation
  • Tested burglar resistance up to RC2
  • Sustainability certification: "Cradle to Cradle Certified in Bronze"

Technical data


Schüco ASE 80 HI

Installation depth in mm


System / Material / Material


Product category

Lift and slide system

Subcategory Windows

max. Thermal insulation [W/m²K]


max. Sound insulation [dB]

up to 45

Burglary protection

up to RC 2

Proofing class according to DIN EN 1522


min. Sash view outside/inside [mm]

72 / 82

min. Post width [mm]


min. Faceplate width [mm]


min. Transom width [mm]

min. - max. Glass thickness sash [mm]

36 ... 60

min. - max. Glass thickness Fixed glazing [mm]

36 ... 60

npd = no performance determined = No performance determined, or without request


Security systems

More protection against burglary and bullets

Our mechanical security systems meet your requirements for protection against break-ins and bullets.

Maintenance & Service

Preserving values through maintenance & service

We offer comprehensive maintenance/maintenance and repair services for windows, doors and façades.


Aluminum lift and slide doors offer numerous options in terms of design and convenience.

Modularity and a wide range of opening types including 90° corners guarantee design freedom and high flexibility.

With different surfaces, narrow face widths through to panoramic designs, the option of automatic operation and a wide range of opening types, aluminum lift and slide doors can be individually adapted to your wishes and needs.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the construction of ultra-modern new buildings and our close relationships with many architectural firms, our lift and slide systems always have the narrowest face widths.

The Schüco lift and slide system ASE 80 HI offers options in both the profile and hardware areas that enable pioneering solutions in terms of design.

One visible design aspect is the narrow hooking area. The delicate interlocking area of just 40 mm face width ensures maximum transparency and a better view.

With a small side effect: the high incidence of light not only has a positive effect on the room atmosphere, but also on personal well-being.

Tested security, elegant, invisible and economically implemented.

Floor-to-ceiling lift and slide door units that can be opened, where there is a risk of falling, require fall protection. To ensure that the desired transparency is maintained, the Schüco AES 80 HI has been developed to accommodate double-sided spandrel glazing.

This means that fall-protection glass balustrades can be attached “invisibly” and integrated into the aluminum profiles.

With our solution, visually disruptive overlapping of the frame profiles by attached, more expensive and framed glass balustrades is a thing of the past.

“Our aluminum sliding systems stand for maximum convenience.

Smooth-running and quiet – High-quality carriages make our sliding sashes particularly smooth-running and quiet to operate.

Easy manual operation up to 500 kg with comfort support and with electronic control up to 600 kg incl. Voice control.

To meet your individual comfort requirements, we also offer a variety of possible features for our aluminum lift and slide doors – whether automated, intelligently controllable, integrable into the Smart Home or equipped with SmartStop and SmartClose for easy operation.

Anyone who builds barrier-free demonstrates foresight. Barrier-free elements allow for needs-based use in every situation.

With our aluminum doors, we offer the right solution for every need and every building situation!

With its zero threshold, the Schüco ASE 80 HI lift and slide system offers a future-oriented solution that is geared towards changing living conditions and the associated requirements. Just like the standard threshold, the zero threshold can be installed at the same level from the inside to the outside if required.

But with one decisive advantage: all components of the tread are also installed on one level. The zero threshold therefore not only ensures a barrier-free transition, but also avoids tripping hazards.

In combination with an automated control system, the DIN standards for accessibility can be easily met. Thanks to the automated control, the Schüco ASE 80 HI lift and slide system can be opened and closed by voice command, for example.

The right aluminum sliding system for every thermal insulation requirement.

Our extensive system portfolio offers a selection of different construction variants with the best thermal insulation values for today’s and future requirements for energy-efficient buildings.

The Schüco ASE 80 HI achieves the best thermal insulation properties thanks to a large basic depth, the narrowest profile widths and the largest possible proportion of glass surfaces, as well as the associated maximum use of passive solar energy.

Timm stands for a high level of expertise in the field of security and has had a wide product range of certified security windows for decades, making us one of the few companies in Germany to be listed in the State Office of Criminal Investigation’s (LKA) list of manufacturers.

With tested burglar resistance up to RC 2, the Schüco ASE 80 HI lift and slide system meets increased burglary protection requirements.

Additional security components (alarm contacts, alarm glass, etc.) can be easily integrated into our aluminum lift and slide doors.

Compatible element for modular construction in the new TIMM modular system

Unique and fully integrated overall architectural system with maximum standardization

In the modular TIMM system, all necessary and individually configurable additional components (sun protection, insect protection, fall protection, insect screen, window sill, threshold) are combined in a “window and façade module” around the window and are quickly installed as a complete system on the construction site after completion in the factory. The TIMM system therefore guarantees the greatest possible individualization with maximum standardization.



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Architekten, Bauherren und Partnern im Objektgeschäft bieten wir die Möglichkeit, alle Arten und Designsprachen von Fenstern und Fassaden zu erleben und sich von unserem vielseitigen Produktportfolio begeistern zu lassen. Wir laden Sie herzlich ein, diese Erlebniswelt für Ihre Bauvorhaben und Planungen zu nutzen.

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