Certified and tested burglar-resistant and bullet-resistant security windows, security doors, security sliding doors and security facades

For over 30 years and now in its third generation, TIMM has been producing and installing high-security solutions for the building envelope to protect against break-ins, break-outs, bullets and explosions in the highest security classes, thereby protecting people, facilities and infrastructure worldwide. Our experienced security team advises, plans, develops, manufactures and installs security elements with high architectural, technical and/or monumental requirements in all types of material, from individual windows to large-scale projects with excellent craftsmanship.

Security windows, security doors, security sliding systems and security façades from Timm Fensterbau in timber, timber-aluminum, aluminum and steel are extensively tested and offer the necessary solutions for today’s requirements for burglar resistance according to DIN EN 1627 – 1630 in the certified resistance classes RC1 to RC4, and bullet resistance according to DIN EN 1522/1523 in the classes FB4NS to FB7NS. We have developed and certified our constructions in such a way that the burglar-resistant and bullet-resistant properties can be combined from RC1 to RC4 and from FB4NS to FB7NS.

A highlight Another advantage of our security systems is that they are visually indistinguishable from our narrow standard systems. This means that our security systems blend in seamlessly and harmoniously with the overall appearance of your property.

The starting point for our daily work is a Comprehensive property-specific security concept, which we can also develop for you ourselves if required. This security concept In addition to the structural, architectural, aesthetic and regulatory requirements, the gstandards, guidelines and statics. In addition, we believe that always the specific threat scenarios integrated and thus the selected measures needs-based be implemented. Please feel free to contact us.



Security windows, security doors, security sliding systems and security façades made of wood, wood-aluminum, aluminum and steel in accordance with DIN EN 1627-1630 in resistance classes RC1 to RC4.

Effective prevention against burglary in buildings and homes through mechanical protection of windows, doors, sliding doors and facades. Our specially developed security technology in combination with the glazing used offers maximum resistance and therefore effective burglary protection.



Bullet-resistant security windows, security doors, security sliding systems and security façades made of timber, timber-aluminum, aluminum and steel in accordance with DIN EN 1522/1523 in resistance classes FB4NS to FB7NS.

Effective prevention against bullets thanks to specially developed security glazing and bullet-resistant frames and fittings. Maximum efficiency thanks to optimum interaction of glass thicknesses and pane structure, with maximum transparency and optimum lighting conditions.


Security objects with frequently multifunctional requirements need innovative solutions. With our own development department and high-performance partners, we regularly develop new products and/or property-specific solutions for the economical and sustainable implementation of your security concept. We have various test rigs for preliminary tests and material tests.

Every security object is unique and requires individual solutions for successful implementation. We therefore support architects, planners, security consultants and private building owners at an early stage by providing targeted and discreet advice.

According to the motto “replacing chance with planning”, planning reliability has always been very important to us. With our professional planning department and our experienced project managers, we design your specific high-security property solutions using the latest CAD technology.

In our ultra-modern Berlin plants with > 100 productive employees, we combine many years of experience with state-of-the-art CNC technology with end-to-end digitalization and a high level of automation for optimum process efficiency. Thanks to our great synergy effects with our core business, we can offer our security solutions very economically.

Thanks to our own fleet of trucks and the use of our own logistics equipment, we deliver to our properties just in time, including to protect the elements on site. The professional installation of security windows, security doors and security façade elements is carried out by experienced, specialized and well-coordinated installation teams.

To ensure the long-term value retention and thus the functional safety and usability of the safety constructions, we provide you with personal support from our own specialists even after completion of the construction project. We recommend regular maintenance and care, also for 100% functional reliability of the construction.


Extensive range of certified and tested products

Our TIMM security products offer combined protection against the various threat scenarios and are extensively tested and independently certified by internal and external tests.

Numerous references and realized projects

Our many
document our philosophy and passion for security solutions. We are your high-performance partner in the field of security elements for new builds, renovations and listed buildings. We handle the properties discreetly and confidentially, so we do not show any references at this point.

Products in all material types

As a family business, our focus is on individual advice and personal contact with clients, architects and planners. We have the great advantage that we can provide completely material-neutral advice (wood, wood-aluminum, aluminum and steel) and can therefore develop and implement tailor-made solution concepts for economical and material-compatible window and façade constructions.

Advice – talk to us.

Matthias Lachmann

High security

  • Private individuals / protected persons incl. Safety measures
  • Government buildings and embassies
  • Critical infrastructure


Sylvia Blase

Head of Architectural Consulting

  • Upscale residential & commercial
    Office building LP1-5
  • Villas
  • Tenders




Accelerated by geopolitical developments and the increasing number of attacks with a criminal and/or terrorist background, more complex threat scenarios have emerged in recent years that require new reliable and multifunctional solutions. In addition to the normative standard tests, it has always been an essential part of our company philosophy to accompany projects from the initial concept and architectural design through production and installation to subsequent maintenance / servicing.

Many construction projects today require customized and individual property solutions. With our test concept 2 and 3, we often develop optimal product solutions based on the structural, architectural and official requirements in terms of design and function. In doing so, we draw on our extensive wealth of experience from a large number of product tests and implemented solutions worldwide.


Testing for burglar resistance

The tests for the certification of burglar-resistant windows, doors, sliding systems and façades in accordance with DIN EN 1627 are carried out by recognized testing and certification bodies in accordance with DIN EN 1628 – 1630. The components are divided into Resistance Classes (RC) from RC1 to RC6.

The test is carried out in various steps. First, the resistance under static and dynamic load is tested. Our security windows must then pass the resistance test against manual break-in attempts. The choice of tool and resistance duration play a decisive role in the classification of the building elements in the resistance classes.

After passing the test, our burglar-resistant security windows, security doors, security sliding systems and security façades receive the corresponding certification.

Many building projects today require customized and individual property solutions. With our test concept 2 and 3, we often develop optimal product solutions based on the structural, architectural and official requirements in terms of design and function. In doing so, we draw on our extensive wealth of experience from a large number of product tests and implemented solutions worldwide.

Testing for bullet resistance

The tests for the certification of bullet-resistant windows in accordance with DIN EN 1522 are carried out in accordance with DIN EN 1523 at the recognized testing and certification bodies, for example the Beschussamt Ulm.

The test samples correspond in design to our ready-to-install bullet-resistant solutions.

This involves a ballistic assessment with regard to:

  1. the bullet and splinter exit of the frame construction of windows, doors, sliding systems or facades
  2. their fillings (usually glass, blank or panel),
  3. the connection area between the panel and frame and
  4. the connection of the sash to the frame.



Tested and certified burglar-resistant security windows

Due to the increasing number of cases of burglary, the topic of burglary protection is also a particular focus of the work of police crime prevention. The aim is to raise public awareness of effective burglary prevention even more intensively than before. Together with cooperation partners from the insurance industry, industry associations and installation companies, the police launched the nationwide publicity campaign K-EINBRUCH.

Registered in the police manufacturer directory

Hans Timm Fensterbau is registered in the list of manufacturers of “tested and certified burglar-resistant windows” published by the police. Our timber windows, timber-aluminum windows and aluminum windows in resistance classes RC2, RC3 and RC4 are therefore considered “unreservedly recommendable” for good burglary protection. We would be happy to advise you in our showroom.




Die innovativsten Lösungen der Branche

Auf rund 850 m² Ausstellungsfläche präsentieren wir Ihnen in unserem Showroom an über 60 Exponaten die aktuellsten und innovativsten Lösungen der Branche aus den Bereichen Aluminiumfenster, Holzfenster, Holz-Alu Fenster und Stahlfenster sowie Sicherheitsfenster und Fassaden.

Architekten, Bauherren und Partnern im Objektgeschäft bieten wir die Möglichkeit, alle Arten und Designsprachen von Fenstern und Fassaden zu erleben und sich von unserem vielseitigen Produktportfolio begeistern zu lassen. Wir laden Sie herzlich ein, diese Erlebniswelt für Ihre Bauvorhaben und Planungen zu nutzen.

Hinweis: Bitte besuchen Sie uns nach einem vorab mit uns vereinbarten Beratungstermin, da unser Showroom nicht auf Publikumsverkehr und spontane Besuche ausgerichtet ist.



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