Window manufacturer of the year 2024
Window manufacturer of the year 2024


TOPAZ Gaillardstrasse residential building

Welcome to TOPAZ, an outstanding residential project where the architecture is the true soul of the project. This 3,100 square meter new-build project consists of a front building, a garden house and a shed, and is located at the sought-after Gaillardstrasse 28 in the Florakiez district. The street façade of the building is characterized by a ...

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Residential building Hoch 6

The new residential building at Gesundbrunnen is visible from afar on the triangular plot at the intersection of Hochstrasse and the mainline railroad tracks. The H6 construction group has realized a total of 36 residential units on a trapezoidal floor plan. A place with challenges: well connected to the ...

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Residential building Pasteurstrasse

The new residential ensemble on Pasteurstrasse (four residential buildings and a supermarket) is located in the quiet Bötzowkiez neighborhood near Prenzlauer Allee in the Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg. The gap site, which has been realized as a building owners' association with 51 residential units, consists of four different buildings and integrates the formerly free-standing supermarket into the first floor of the ...

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Hotel at Oranienplatz

In the listed building from 1913 (architects Cremer & Wolffenstein), we were able to supply large-scale window constructions in the TIMM W90 system that were suitable for listed buildings. The historical profiles and the closed parapet joint are particularly noteworthy. Due to the low parapet heights, fall-protection railings were installed in some ...

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Max Taut School

The school building is an important work of reform pedagogy and an outstanding example of modern architecture. Named after the renowned modernist architect Max Taut, it is internationally recognized as a showpiece of "Neues Bauen". In 1927, Max Taut was awarded first prize for his contribution to the competition for the ...

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Sports school in the Olympiapark – Poelchau School

The German Sports Forum and the House of German Sports were built according to a design by the brothers Werner and Walter March. The first parts of the facility were built at the end of the 1920s and then further expanded in connection with the construction of the Olympic Stadium for the 1936 Olympic Games. After the Second World War, the Olympic site was used by the British military administration. After the withdrawal of the occupying troops in 1994, the ....

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House Buchthal

The two-storey villa was built in 1922/23 by the architects Hans and Wassili Luckhardt and Franz Hoffmann. This building is an outstanding example of Expressionism in the Berlin architectural scene. Through intensive research in the archives, the listed building fabric is carefully and professionally renovated ...

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Villa Erxleben

The listed villa, built in 1907 by Hart & Lesser for the banker Julius Erxleben, presents itself as an exceptionally monumental and playful plaster building. Particularly noteworthy are the numerous historic windows, which feature a variety of shapes and proportions. In accordance with the requirements of monument protection ...

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Villa Dahlem

In both the residential building and the pavilion, we supplied mullion and transom façades in wood-aluminum and aluminum with integrated wood-aluminum windows in integral design. In the large living room façades, timber-aluminum lift-and-slide door systems were integrated into the mullion-transom façades. Thermal beech was used as the wood, which ...

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